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Do I need travel vaccinations?

Do I need travel vaccinations? | Travel vaccinations melbourne
Unsure if you need travel vaccinations? Contact our travel clinic to book an appointment - 9741 1200.

Many people who are travelling are unsure of what travel vaccinations they need, and some are unaware that they may need some at all.

As travel doctors, we can advise what, if any, travel vaccinations and medications you may need depending on where you are planning to travel.

If you're unsure if you may need travel vaccinations, we recommend seeing one of our doctors.

Why visit The Clinic for your travel vaccinations and advice?

We have a dedicated Travel Clinic that stocks and dispenses same-day travel injections to save our patients having to book multiple appointments. Generally, many doctors prescribe the injections in the initial consultation, so then the patient has to organise to collect them from the pharmacist and then book another appointment with their doctor to receive them.

Our process saves time. Just be sure to download, complete and return our pre-travel form to us before your appointment.

Yellow fever vaccination from an accredited yellow fever centre
As an accredited Yellow Fever Centre, we can provide you with a yellow fever vaccination.

Also, keep in mind that it's best to see your doctor at least six weeks before your trip to allow for enough time for the vaccinations to start working.

We are also an accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre, so we can provide you with the protection you may need against yellow fever.

Yellow fever vaccination

It is particularly important to receive the yellow fever vaccination if you are travelling to any countries that currently have the disease.


There is no known cure for yellow fever.

So the best method of yellow fever protection is prevention. Infected mosquitoes carry the viral disease, so it can be challenging to avoid contracting yellow fever without the vaccination.

Another reason to receive the vaccination, other than the obvious health reasons, is some countries may deny you entry if you have recently been to an at-risk country and don't have evidence of receiving the vaccination.

When you receive your injection at an accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre, such as us, they will provide you with the certificate you need for situations such as these.

Please see our article "yellow fever prevention with the yellow fever vaccine" for a list of high-risk countries, as well as more information on yellow fever, such as the symptoms.


Please contact us if you'd like to see us for any of your travel or general health needs. You can call us on 9741 1200, or book an appointment online through our website.


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