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Micro-suction earwax removal

Micro-suction earwax removal
Getting an opinion from a doctor may help determine whether a build-up of earwax is causing your ear trouble.

If you are suffering from temporary hearing loss, tinnitus or earaches, then a build-up of ear wax may be potentially to blame.

Removing earwax build-up from your ear canals may help reduce the symptoms you are experiencing.

Here at The Clinic, we offer micro-suction earwax removal as an alternative to older methods such as ear syringing.

What is micro-suction earwax removal?

You may be wondering “what is micro-suction earwax removal, and how does it differ to other methods?”

Well, to start with, micro-suction earwax removal is a gentle and clean way to remove the build-up of earwax from ear canals.

How can earwax build-up cause temporary hearing loss, tinnitus and earaches?

Temporary hearing loss: A build-up of earwax can cause temporary hearing loss as it may block your ears.

Tinnitus: Tinnitus is a noise, fluttering or ringing in the ears. There are multiple reasons why you may be experiencing tinnitus, such as an ear injury, though a build-up of earwax can sometimes cause tinnitus.

How? Too much earwax can irritate your eardrum.

Earaches: An excess of earwax commonly causes earaches and infections.

How to look after your ears:

  • Don’t insert q-tips/cotton buds into your ears. You may think that you are cleaning them, but instead, you may be pushing the earwax further into your ear canal. Also, using q-tips/cotton buds can cause eardrum perforation when inserted too far. Eardrum perforation is not only detrimental to your hearing but very painful too.

  • When the insides of your ears are itchy, don’t insert anything to scratch them.

  • Do visit your doctor or medical professional if you think that you have too much earwax.

When you visit us:

When you come to visit us, one of our doctors will view your ear canals. If there is a build-up of earwax, your doctor will then remove the wax through micro-suction earwax removal.

If a build-up of earwax isn’t the culprit behind the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, then your doctor may refer you for a hearing test or to an ear specialist.

Do you have any questions about micro-suction earwax removal? Contact us for more information.

To book an appointment with one of our doctors, please call 9741 1200 or book online.


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