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Emergency Care at The Clinic

Emergency Care at The Clinic

In need of urgent emergency care for a minor procedure such as a laceration? Call us on 9741 1200 or come to our clinic at 15 Princes Highway, Werribee.

Queues at a hospital Emergency Department can take hours - an average of four to six. When you’re in pain, four hours is a long time to wait!

Here at The Clinic, our emergency care doctors provide emergency care for minor procedures.

Why come see us?

  • We have doctors with experience in urgent care who are ready and happy to help new and existing patients

  • We have extended opening hours

  • We bulk-bill most medical consultations for people who have a valid medicare card

  • You’ll be seen quickly - we take appointments, but also accept walk-ins with a priority on urgent cases.

When to see us vs when to go to the hospital

See below If you’re unsure whether you should visit us or a hospital.

When to visit the Emergency Department at your nearest hospital:

If you are experiencing chest pains or tightness, or anything life-threatening, call 000 immediately.

When to see us:

  • For non-life threatening emergency care.

  • For lacerations that require attention.

If you are suffering from a non-life threatening medical issue and still aren’t sure whether you should see us, please call us on 9741 1200.

Our medical services:

Beyond emergency care, our general practitioners can see patients for all standard medical issues such as headaches, colds, fevers, managing chronic conditions and more.

At The Clinic, we also have Skin Cancer Clinic and a Travel Clinic, plus we offer a variety of services including micro-suction earwax removal, cosmetic medicine, cervical screening, iron infusions and much more.

If you have any queries, please see our FAQ page, or contact us.

For after-hours medical care, please call 132 660.


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