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Our Services

Our team of healthcare professionals provide a comprehensive range of services that will ensure you and your family are afforded the best in healthcare and professional advice. Our medical centre provides mixed-billing services for all medical consultations, and new patients are always welcome. Our broad range of services provides you with more options and gives you a more effective approach to manage your health and well-being for the long term.

Our health services include many of the following, and we encourage you to give us a call to see where we can help you.

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GP Services

Here at The Clinic Complete Family Medical and Skin Centre, we offer a full range of GP services to our patients.

Travel doctors in Werribee | The Clinic

Travel Clinic

Our Travel Clinic provides you with all the health advice and preparation you need for your overseas trips. From vaccines to avoiding health problems occurring while you're away, we have you covered.

Skin Cancer Clinic | Werribee | The Clinic

Skin Cancer Clinic

If detected in its early stages, skin cancer is usually curable. Our doctors are skilled in skin cancer diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Visit our Skin Cancer Clinic to get your moles checked.


Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal

Safe, gentle, simple, clean: Micro-suction ear wax removal is an effective way to remove the build-up of ear wax from your ear canals without causing you discomfort. 


Cervical Screening Test

The Cervical Screening Test is a quick and straightforward procedure to evaluate the health of your cervix. The test detects any abnormalities which may develop into cervical cancer.

IRON INFUSION in Werribee | The Clinic

Iron Infusion

Iron infusions help those suffering from iron deficiency anemia regain normal levels of the mineral iron. Symptoms of an iron deficiency are fatigue, pale skin, weakness and more.


Flu Clinic

Help protect yourself and the community by receiving your annual flu shot. The flu vaccine is the best step in minimising your risk of getting the flu. 


K-Laser Therapy

Reduce pain and inflammation, Enhance tissue healing and improve mobility with laser therapy. speak to our doctors to learn more about this breakthrough technology.  

Other Services We Offer:

  • Family medicine​

  • Men’s health​

  • Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation​

  • STD screening​

  • Women’s health​

  • Children’s health checks and immunisations​

  • Adolescent health​

  • Acute disease management​

  • Chronic disease management and care plans​

  • 45-49 year old health assessments​

  • Annual over 75 years health assessments​

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health management and care plans​​

  • Asthma Management​

  • Diabetes risk assessment and management

  • Onsite Pathology Collection Centre for your convenience​

  • Specialist referrals​

  • Work cover medicals and management​

  • Corporate health checks​

  • Driving licence medicals​

  • Authorised Uber medical examination centre​

  • Pre-employment, Insurance Medicals and Occupational Health checks​

  • Minor surgical procedures including resection of ingrown toe nails, incision and drainage of cysts and abscess​

  • Treatments of warts with liquid nitrogen​

  • Minor laceration repair and dressing​

  • Child friendly laceration repair with skin glue where possible                  

  • Implanon insertion and removal​

  • ECG​

  • Spirometry​

  • Holter monitor​

  • 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor

  • Mental health care plans

  • Screening Audiometry (Hearing Check)

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