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Werribee Doctors

Here at The Clinic Complete Family Medical and Skin Centre, we offer a full range of GP services to our patients.


As Werribee doctors, we are well placed to serve patients in the local area and surrounding suburbs. Finding us is easy, we’re located at 15 Princes Highway, Werribee. View our contact page for more information.

Booking an appointment

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Services provided by our GP’s from our welcoming Werribee based practice

Our doctors treat all patients with respect, kindness, and compassion in a non-judgemental and friendly environment.

Your health and comfort is our priority.

Read on to learn more about our GP services and please contact us if you can't find the service that you're looking for - our friendly staff are just a phone call away.

We can provide the following services for our patients:

Family Medicine

We provide personalised and comprehensive healthcare to patients in all stages of life.

Women’s Health

Our doctors are knowledgeable in women’s health, providing our female patients with healthcare that is specific to their needs. Services include cervical screening and Implanon insertion and removal​.

Men’s Health

Receive male specific healthcare by our experienced team of doctors.

Sexual Health

We support and treat patients in need of sexual healthcare, including but not limited to STD screening, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, contraception, family planning and more.


We offer an extensive immunisation service, including childhood immunisations, travel vaccinations, flu shot, routine vaccinations and the covid-19 vaccine.

Children and adolescent health

Our caring doctors can provide care in various aspects of children and adolescent health, including health checks and child friendly laceration repair with skin glue where possible           

Chronic disease management

Our team provides personalised care plans to help manage multiple chronic health conditions.

Acute disease management​

Our doctors can assist in the diagnoses, treatment and management of acute diseases.

Elderly health

Annual over 75 years assessments

Mental Health

Our GP’s can arrange mental health care plans to help our patients receive the care that they need.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

We can provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health management and care plans. 

Asthma Management​

We provide asthma management for children through to adults.

Diabetes Clinic

Our doctors can assess a patient’s risk of diabetes and help support, monitor and manage type  1 and type 2 diabetes.

Onsite Pathology

For your convenience​, we have an onsite pathology collection centre.

Health checks and medicals

Corporate health checks, driving licence medicals, authorised Uber medical examination centre, Pre-employment, Insurance Medicals and Occupational Health checks​, work cover medicals and management​.

Minor surgical procedures

Including resection of ingrown toenails, incision and drainage of cysts and abscess​.

Wound care

Our Werribee doctors can provide minor laceration repair and dressing​, including child friendly laceration repair with skin glue where possible.

Wart treatment

We offer treatments of warts with liquid nitrogen.

Heart health

To help diagnose and monitor heart related health conditions, our clinic offers the following: ECG​, holter monitor​ and 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor.


With the help of spirometry, our doctors can assess your lung health.

Hearing and ear health
The Clinic can perform Screening Audiometry (hearing check) and Dr Sudeep Kolli can do micro-suction ear wax removal.

Werribee doctors | The Clinic
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Would you like to make an appointment to see one of our Werribee doctors?

The Clinic Complete Family Medical and Skin Centre warmly welcomes you.

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