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Tips for travelling during this silly season

The extended time off many of us get at this time of the year makes for a great time to travel.

Are you planning on travelling over this Christmas and New Year period?

If yes, you are amongst thousands of other Aussies who are too travelling, whether overseas or interstate.

While it’s a great time to get away, it’s a very busy time too. So, we’ve put together some tips to help you get through this busy travel season while keeping your health on track.

1. See your doctor before you leave

Have any pending reasons why you should see your doctor? Need to renew a prescription? If yes, try and make time to see your doctor before you leave.

While you’re at your appointment, you can also ask your doctor for travel health advice.

2. Travel injections and medications

Travelling to Bali, Thailand, China? These countries, plus many others require travel injections and medicines to keep you protected from harmful diseases.

If unsure if you need travel injections or medicines, schedule an appointment with your doctor, and they can advise.

If you would like to see us here at our Travel Clinic, please fill out our travel form in advance. We provide same-day travel vaccinations to save our patients time and unnecessary multiple appointments. As we are Travel Doctors, we can also provide you with more information on how to keep on top of your health while you’re away.

3. Be prepared for delays

December and early January is a busy time for airports, which often results in delays. Being prepared for delayed flights and long wait times can help you minimise the negative impact this can have on your health.

Pack healthy snacks, hydrate and bring something to do, such as reading a book or watching something on your iPad or laptop (don’t forget your headphones!).

4. Look after yourself in the lead up to your trip

Many factors can help you avoid getting sick while you’re away. In the lead up to your trip:

  • get adequate rest

  • eat well

  • stay hydrated

  • exercise

  • pack in advance (you don’t want to stress yourself out by last-minute packing).

5. Stay healthy on the plane

Planes can be a hive of germs. Pack some antibacterial wipes to wipe your armrests, remote for the inflight tv screen, and tray tables.

Pack healthy snacks to keep your nourished, and stay hydrated. It can at times be difficult to stay hydrated, especially when only provided with small cups of water so consider packing a hydration aid such as Hydralyte.

Get active. By this, we mean don’t stay seated for the duration of your flight. When seated, especially on a plane, our blood tends to pool in our legs and feet. This not only contributes to our risk of developing DVT, but can make your legs and feet swell uncomfortably. So, try to get up each hour to stretch your legs.


If you'd like to book an appointment with our Travel Clinic, please call us on 9741 1200, or schedule an appointment online.


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