We are an accredited Yellow Fever Centre

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Did you know that we are an accredited Yellow Fever Centre?

Here, at The Clinic in Werribee, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our patients a fully equipped, one-stop-shop Travel Clinic, including the yellow fever vaccination.

Yellow fever is a nasty disease that you can be protected against through vaccination. For the majorty of people, a single dose of the vaccination is enough for protection against the disease for life.

So, what does being an accredited yellow fever vaccination centre actually mean?

To receive a yellow fever vaccination before your travels, you are required to have one done at an accredited Yellow Fever Centre at least ten days before your trip. An approved centre, like us, will provide you with a vaccination certificate that is recognised by the World Health Organization.

Why do I need a yellow fever vaccination certificate?

While a yellow fever vaccination is not compulsory when travelling to a yellow fever risk country - such as many countries within Africa and South America - it is highly recommended, not only for your safety but for your ease of travel too. Some countries may not allow you entry if you have recently been to a yellow fever risk area and do not have the documentation to prove that you have been vaccinated, or may insist on vaccinating you upon arrival. It is best to visit an accredited Yellow Fever Centre before your trip.

Am I allowed to re-enter Australia if I have not had a yellow fever vaccination?

If you have been to a yellow fever risk country, you are allowed re-entry into Australia even if you have not had a yellow fever vaccination. However, upon your arrival, you will be asked questions and given information about the disease detailing the signs and symptoms should you come down with any.

Although the yellow fever vaccination is not compulsory, and you will be allowed re-entry into Australia, it is highly recommended that you visit an accredited Yellow Fever Centre to have the vaccination as there is currently no known cure for the disease.

As an accredited Yellow Fever Centre, we can administer the vaccination to you and your family. We also provide same-day travel vaccinations. Call us today on 03 9741 1200 or book an appointment online

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